Everyday Ethics for Artificial Intelligence: Five Areas of Ethical Focus

Principle: Everyday Ethics for Artificial Intelligence: Five Areas of Ethical Focus, Sep 6, 2018

Published by IBM

Related Principles

Article 13: Universal education.

Actively participate in universal education on artificial intelligence for the public, morals and ethics education for relevant practitioners, and digital labor skills retraining for personnel whose jobs have been replaced; alleviate public concerns about artificial intelligence technology; raise public awareness about safety and prevention; and actively respond to questions about current and future workforce challenges.

Published by Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance (AIIA), China in Joint Pledge on Artificial Intelligence Industry Self-Discipline (Draft for Comment), May 31, 2019

3. Principles for Human

The following principles are for human on how we should treat Artificial Intelligence, including future conscious intelligent living becomings.

Published by HAIP Initiative in Harmonious Artificial Intelligence Principles (HAIP), Sep 16, 2018

3) Ethics:

Artificial intelligence should comply with human values and interests. We are dedicated to stipulating widely accepted ethics of artificial intelligence, proposing ethical algorithms and technical framework of product design in order to foreground the fundamental principles of inference and decision making.

Published by Chinese Young Scientists in Chinese Young Scientists’ Declaration on the Governance and Innovation of Artificial Intelligence, Aug 29, 2019