• Liberate Data Responsibly

Publisher: Intel

AI is powered by access to data. Machine learning algorithms improve by analyzing more data over time; data access is imperative to achieve more enhanced AI model development and training. Removing barriers to the access of data will help machine learning and deep learning reach their full potential. [Recommendations] • Keep data moving: Governments should eliminate unwarranted data localization mandates and enable secure international data transfers through international agreements and legal tools. • Open public data: While protecting privacy, governments should make useful datasets publicly available when appropriate and provide guidance to startups and small and medium businesses for its reuse. • Support the creation of reliable data sets to test algorithms: Governments should explore non regulatory methods to encourage the development of testing data sets. • Federate access to data: Governments should partner with industry to promote AI tools to access encrypted data for analysis, while not requiring transfer of the data. (Note: Instead of centralizing data from several institutions, federated access to data allows each institution to keep control of their data while enabling joint data analytics across all institutions.)