Ethically Aligned Design (v2): General Principles

Principle: Ethically Aligned Design (v2): General Principles, (v1) Dec 13, 2016. (v2) Dec 12, 2017

Published by The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems

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Principles for Accountable Algorithms

Published by Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in Machine Learning (FAT/ML) in Principles for Accountable Algorithms, Jul 22, 2016 (unconfirmed)

Ethical Considerations in Deployment and Design

Principle: AI system designers and builders need to apply a user centric approach to the technology. They need to consider their collective responsibility in building AI systems that will not pose security risks to the Internet and Internet users. Recommendations: Adopt ethical standards: Adherence to the principles and standards of ethical considerations in the design of artificial intelligence, should guide researchers and industry going forward. Promote ethical considerations in innovation policies: Innovation policies should require adherence to ethical standards as a pre requisite for things like funding.

Published by Internet Society in Guiding Principles and Recommendations, Apr 18, 2017

A Proposed Model AI Governance Framework: Guiding Principles

Published by Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), Singapore in A Proposed Model AI Governance Framework: Guiding Principles, Jan 23, 2019

3) Ethics:

Artificial intelligence should comply with human values and interests. We are dedicated to stipulating widely accepted ethics of artificial intelligence, proposing ethical algorithms and technical framework of product design in order to foreground the fundamental principles of inference and decision making.

Published by Chinese Young Scientists in Chinese Young Scientists’ Declaration on the Governance and Innovation of Artificial Intelligence, Aug 29, 2019