11. Prohibition on Unitary Scoring.

Publisher: The Public Voice coalition, established by Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

No national government shall establish or maintain a general purpose score on its citizens or residents. [Explanatory Memorandum] The Prohibition on Unitary Scoring speaks directly to the risk of a single, multi purpose number assigned by a government to an individual. In data protection law, universal identifiers that enable the profiling of individuals across are disfavored. These identifiers are often regulated and in some instances prohibited. The concern with universal scoring, described here as “unitary scoring,” is even greater. A unitary score reflects not only a unitary profile but also a predetermined outcome across multiple domains of human activity. There is some risk that unitary scores will also emerge in the private sector. Conceivably, such systems could be subject to market competition and government regulations. But there is not even the possibility of counterbalance with unitary scores assigned by government, and therefore they should be prohibited.