About Linking Artificial Intelligence Principles (LAIP)

A topic cloud of Artificial Intelligence Principles all over the World in the shape of a Chinese character "Optimizing Symbiosis".

It needs the whole World to understand and create future Artificial Intelligence. Although various Artificial Intelligence principle proposals have been established by different governments, Non-government organizations, non-profit organizations, institutions, industries, etc., to cover all the perspectives for consideration is not necessary and not realistic for any of them. Different proposals are designed with different emphasis and perspectives, and do not mean to cover every possible topic. This makes linking and synthesis of various proposals even more meaningful. On the basis of not changing any principles and keep their own perspectives, linking enables interactions of different AI principles which share common topics, enables observations and understanding of each principle under broader contexts with more global considerations, and also enables various AI principles to complement with each other.

With the philosophy that can be described as a Chinese character shown in the above picture, "" which is always translated as "Harmony" in English, but its more accurate translation should be "Optimizing Symbiosis", Linking Artificial Intelligence Principles (LAIP) is designed to realize the uniqueness and complement each existing and upcoming Artificial Intelligence principle proposals by establishing common links among them and synthesize various considerations from different perspectives. Linking and synthesis are for Optimizing Symbiosis.