The principle "SAP's Guiding Principles for Artificial Intelligence" has mentioned the topic "collaboration" in the following places:


    We look forward to expanding our conversations with customers, partners, employees, legislative bodies, and civil society; and to making our guiding principles an evolving reflection on these discussions and the ever changing technological landscape.

    2. We design for people

    To achieve this, we design our systems closely with users in a collaborative, multidisciplinary, and demographically diverse environment.

    4. We strive for transparency and integrity in all that we do

    We actively support industry collaboration and will conduct research to further system transparency.

    6. We place data protection and privacy at our core

    This commitment to data protection and privacy is reflected in our commitment to all applicable regulatory requirements as well as through the research we conduct in partnership with leading academic institutions to develop the next generation of privacy enhancing methodologies and technologies.

    7. We engage with the wider societal challenges of AI

    Economic impact, such as how industry and society can collaborate to prepare students and workers for an AI economy and how society may need to adapt means of economic redistribution, social safety, and economic development.

    7. We engage with the wider societal challenges of AI

    We look forward to making SAP one of many active voices in these debates by engaging with our AI Ethics Advisory Panel and a wide range of partnerships and initiatives.