The principle "Joint Pledge on Artificial Intelligence Industry Self-Discipline (Draft for Comment)" has mentioned the topic "security" in the following places:


    Establish a correct view of artificial intelligence development; clarify the basic principles and operational guides for the development and use of artificial intelligence; help to build an inclusive and shared, fair and orderly development environment; and form a sustainable development model that is safe secure, trustworthy, rational, and responsible.

    · Article 5: Secure safe and controllable.

    · Article 5: secure safe and controllable.

    · Article 5: Secure safe and controllable.

    Ensure that AI systems operate securely safely, reliably, and controllably throughout their lifecycle.

    · Article 5: Secure safe and controllable.

    Evaluate system security safety and potential risks, and continuously improve system maturity, robustness, and anti tampering capabilities.

    · Article 7: Protect privacy.

    Strengthen technical methods, ensure data security, and be on guard against risks such as data leaks.

    · Article 11: Formulate standards.

    Enhance the measurability of ethical principles such as security and controllability, transparency and explainability, privacy protection, and diversity and inclusiveness; and simultaneously build corresponding assessment capabilities.