The principle "G20 AI Principles" has mentioned the topic "share" in the following places:

    · 1.1. Inclusive growth, sustainable development and well being

    Stakeholders should proactively engage in responsible stewardship of trustworthy AI in pursuit of beneficial outcomes for people and the planet, such as augmenting human capabilities and enhancing creativity, advancing inclusion of underrepresented populations, reducing economic, social, gender and other inequalities, and protecting natural environments, thus invigorating inclusive growth, sustainable development and well being.

    · 1.2. Human centered values and fairness

    These include freedom, dignity and autonomy, privacy and data protection, non discrimination and equality, diversity, fairness, social justice, and internationally recognized labor rights.

    · 2.2. Fostering a digital ecosystem for AI

    Such an ecosystem includes in particular digital technologies and infrastructure, and mechanisms for sharing AI knowledge, as appropriate.

    · 2.2. Fostering a digital ecosystem for AI

    In this regard, governments should consider promoting mechanisms, such as data trusts, to support the safe, fair, legal and ethical sharing of data.

    · 2.4. Building human capacity and preparing for labor market transformation

    c) Governments should also work closely with stakeholders to promote the responsible use of AI at work, to enhance the safety of workers and the quality of jobs, to foster entrepreneurship and productivity, and aim to ensure that the benefits from AI are broadly and fairly shared.

    · 2.5. International co operation for trustworthy AI

    b) Governments should work together in the OECD and other global and regional fora to foster the sharing of AI knowledge, as appropriate.