The principle "The Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence" has mentioned the topic "accountability" in the following places:

    · Right to Privacy, and Data Protection

    AI actors need to ensure that they are accountable for the design and implementation of AI systems in such a way as to ensure that personal information is protected throughout the life cycle of the AI system.

    · Human oversight and determination

    It may be the case that sometimes humans would choose to rely on AI systems for reasons of efficacy, but the decision to cede control in limited contexts remains that of humans, as humans can resort to AI systems in decision making and acting, but an AI system can never replace ultimate human responsibility and accountability.

    · Transparency and explainability

    Transparency and explainability relate closely to adequate responsibility and accountability measures, as well as to the trustworthiness of AI systems.

    · Responsibility and accountability

    · Responsibility and accountability

    · Responsibility and accountability

    Appropriate oversight, impact assessment, audit and due diligence mechanisms, including whistle blowers’ protection, should be developed to ensure accountability for AI systems and their impact throughout their life cycle.