The principle "Top 10 Principles For Ethical Artificial Intelligence" has mentioned the topic "accountability" in the following places:

    1. Demand That AI Systems Are Transparent

    D. If accidents occur, the AI will need to be transparent and accountable to an accident investigator, so the internal process that led to the accident can be understood.

    1. Demand That AI Systems Are Transparent

    G. Following an accident, judges, juries, lawyers, and expert witnesses involved in the trial process require transparency and accountability to inform evidence and decision making.

    2. Equip AI Systems With an “Ethical Black Box”

    Full transparency in an AI system should be facilitated by the presence of a device that can record information about said system in the form of an “ethical black box” that not only contains relevant data to ensure transparency and accountability of a system, but also includes clear data and information on the ethical considerations built into said system.

    7. Secure a Just Transition and Ensuring Support for Fundamental Freedoms and Rights

    To ensure a just transition, as well as sustainable future developments, it is vital that corporate policies are put in place that ensure corporate accountability in relation to this displacement, such as retraining programmes and job change possibilities.