The principle "Key ethical principles for use of artificial intelligence for health" has mentioned the topic "discrimination" in the following places:

    2 Promote human well being, human safety and the public interest

    AI technologies that provide a diagnosis or warning that an individual cannot address because of lack of appropriate, accessible or affordable health care should be carefully managed and balanced against any “duty to warn” that might arise from incidental and other findings, and appropriate safeguards should be in place to protect individuals from stigmatization or discrimination due to their health status.

    5 Ensure inclusiveness and equity

    The effects of use of AI technologies must be monitored and evaluated, including disproportionate effects on specific groups of people when they mirror or exacerbate existing forms of bias and discrimination.

    5 Ensure inclusiveness and equity

    Special provision should be made to protect the rights and welfare of vulnerable persons, with mechanisms for redress if such bias and discrimination emerges or is alleged.