The principle "The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence Ethical Guidelines" has mentioned the topic "for human" in the following places:


    AI will assume a significant role in the future of mankind in a wide range of areas, such as Industry, Medicine, Education, Culture, Economics, Politics, Government, etc.

    1. Contribution to humanity

    Contribution to humanity

    1. Contribution to humanity

    Members of the JSAI will contribute to the peace, safety, welfare, and public interest of humanity.

    1. Contribution to humanity

    They will protect basic human rights and will respect cultural diversity.

    4. Fairness

    Members of the JSAI will, to the best of their ability, ensure that AI is developed as a resource that can be used by humanity in a fair and equal manner.

    8. Communication with society and self development

    They will strengthen their understanding of society and maintain consistent and effective communication with them, with the aim of contributing to the overall peace and happiness of mankind.