The principle "Governance Principles for the New Generation Artificial Intelligence--Developing Responsible Artificial Intelligence" has mentioned the topic "for human" in the following places:


    The global development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has reached a new stage, with features such as cross disciplinary integration, human machine coordination, open and collective intelligence, and etc., which are profoundly changing our daily lives and the future of humanity.

    1. Harmony and Human friendly

    Harmony and human friendly

    1. Harmony and Human friendly

    It should conform to human values and ethical principles, promote human machine harmony, and serve the progress of human civilization.

    1. Harmony and Human friendly

    The development of AI should be based on the premise of ensuring social security and respecting human rights, and should prevent misuse, abuse and evil use of AI technology by all means.

    8. Agile Governance

    Continuous research and foresight for the potential risks of higher level of AI in the future are required to ensure that AI will always be beneficial for human society.