The principle "Ethically Aligned Design (v2): General Principles" has mentioned the topic "security" in the following places:

    1. Principle 1 — Human Rights

    To best honor human rights, society must assure the safety and security of A IS so that they are designed and operated in a way that benefits humans:

    4. Principle 4 — Transparency

    (The mechanisms by which transparency is provided will vary significantly, for instance 1) for users of care or domestic robots, a why did you do that button which, when pressed, causes the robot to explain the action it just took, 2) for validation or certification agencies, the algorithms underlying the A IS and how they have been verified, and 3) for accident investigators, secure storage of sensor and internal state data, comparable to a flight data recorder or black box.)

    5. Principle 5 — A IS Technology Misuse and Awareness of It

    Providing ethics education and security awareness that sensitizes society to the potential risks of misuse of A IS (e.g., by providing “data privacy” warnings that some smart devices will collect their user’s personal data).