The principle "Toward a G20 Framework for Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace" has mentioned the topic "test" in the following places:

    · Focus on humans

    Human control of AI should be mandatory and testable by regulators.

    · Fairness and inclusion

    Employers should be required to test AI in the workplace on a regular basis to ensure that the system is built for purpose and is not harmfully influenced by bias of any kind — gender, race, sexual orientation, age, religion, income, family status and so on.

    · Fairness and inclusion

    Workplace AI should be tested to ensure that it does not discriminate against vulnerable individuals or communities.

    · Reliability

    AI should be designed within explicit operational requirements and undergo exhaustive testing to ensure that it responds safely to unanticipated situations and does not evolve in unexpected ways.

    · Transparency

    While in some circumstances open source code will be helpful, what is more important are clear, complete and testable explanations of what the system is doing and why.