The principle "Ethical Norms for the New Generation Artificial Intelligence" has mentioned the topic "accountability" in the following places:


    This set of norms is formulated in order to deeply implement the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan”, to refine and implement the ” Governance Principles for the New Generation Artificial Intelligence”, to enhance the ethical awareness on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the behavioral awareness of the entire society, to actively guide the responsible AI research, development, and application activities, and to promote healthy development of AI.

    Chapter 1. General Principles

    (5) Strengthening accountability.

    Chapter 1. General Principles

    Clarify the responsibilities of all relevant stakeholders, comprehensively enhance the awareness of responsibility, introspect and self discipline in the entire life cycle of AI.

    Chapter 1. General Principles

    Establish an accountability mechanism in AI related activities, and do not evade liability reviews and do not escape from responsibilities.

    Chapter 6. Organization and Implementation

    This set of norms is issued by the National Governance Committee of New Generation Artificial Intelligence, and it is responsible for explaining and guiding its implementation.