The principle "Principles for the Stewardship of AI Applications" has mentioned the topic "privacy" in the following places:

    1. Public Trust in AI

    At the same time, AI applications could pose risks to privacy, individual rights, autonomy, and civil liberties that must be carefully assessed and appropriately addressed.

    1. Public Trust in AI

    The appropriate regulatory or non regulatory response to privacy and other risks must necessarily depend on the nature of the risk presented and the appropriate mitigations.

    6. Flexibility

    Targeted agency conformity assessment schemes, to protect health and safety, privacy, and other values, will be essential to a successful, and flexible, performance based approach.

    10. Interagency Coordination

    Agencies should coordinate with each other to share experiences and to ensure consistency and predictability of AI related policies that advance American innovation and growth in AI, while appropriately protecting privacy, civil liberties, and American values and allowing for sector and application specific approaches when appropriate.