The principle "The Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence" has mentioned the topic "share" in the following places:

    · Fairness and non discrimination

    At the international level, the most technologically advanced countries have a responsibility of solidarity with the least advanced to ensure that the benefits of AI technologies are shared such that access to and participation in the AI system life cycle for the latter contributes to a fairer world order with regard to information, communication, culture, education, research and socio economic and political stability.

    · Right to Privacy, and Data Protection

    It is important that data for AI systems be collected, used, shared, archived and deleted in ways that are consistent with international law and in line with the values and principles set forth in this Recommendation, while respecting relevant national, regional and international legal frameworks.

    · Transparency and explainability

    In cases of serious threats of adverse human rights impacts, transparency may also require the sharing of code or datasets.

    · Multi stakeholder and adaptive governance and collaboration

    Participation of different stakeholders throughout the AI system life cycle is necessary for inclusive approaches to AI governance, enabling the benefits to be shared by all, and to contribute to sustainable development.